$1,230 Raised for Rise School of Corpus Christi

Charity Goal: $15,000
Money Raised: $1,230

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About Rise School of Corpus Christi

Rise School Mission Statement
The purpose of the Rise School of Corpus Christi is to provide the highest quality early childhood education to all children including those children with developmental disabilities.


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Tinlee’s Tribe Raised: $565 of $2500.00
Jonah Strong Raised: $225 of $1000.00
Team Blair Raised: $175 of $1000.00
Amelia's Squad Raised: $80 of $1000.00
CJ’s Crew Raised: $0 of $1000.00
Recent Donors
Kelby lamb $20.00
Dee-Ann Dobson
Anonymous $225.00
Lynne Steiner $50.00
Brandon A Bowman $200.00
Top Donors
Brandon A Bowman $200.00
Tamara Hadden $100.00
Dyan Putzel $100.00
Kelly L Parcells $100.00
Brenda Christmas $50.00
Top Fundraisers
Dustin Schroeder $572.59
Blair Christmas $100.00
Kelly Parcells $50.00
Madison OBrien $36.49
Brenda Christmas $25.00
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Donor Comments

“Team Blair”

- Lauren Russell

“From Jessica Weber! ”

- Brenda Christmas

“Amelia’s squad”

- Amanda Perez

“Go Amelia! -Alec”

- Alva Rodriguez

“Tinlee’s Tribe”

- Brandon A Bowman