$15,950 Raised for Rise School of Corpus Christi

Charity Goal: $15,000
Money Raised: $15,950

Your generous donations make the world a better place. Thank you for giving!

About Rise School of Corpus Christi

Rise School Mission Statement
The purpose of the Rise School of Corpus Christi is to provide the highest quality early childhood education to all children including those children with developmental disabilities.


Help a Fundraiser Team Below

Tinlee’s Tribe Raised: $4,540 of $5000.00
Team Claire Raised: $2,400 of $1000.00
Hemi’s Hunters Raised: $2,360 of $2000.00
Henry's Herd Raised: $1,000 of $1500.00
Baby got Track Raised: $855 of $1000.00
Linc Strong Raised: $650 of $250.00
CJ’s Crew Raised: $520 of $1000.00
Wyatt’s Lucky Few Raised: $435 of $500.00
Nora’s Team Raised: $365 of $300.00
Team Z-Man Raised: $350 of $1000.00
Team Blair Raised: $350 of $1000.00
Kourageous Korra Raised: $270 of $1500.00
Jonah Strong Raised: $225 of $1000.00
Asher's Squad Raised: $175 of $200.00
Amelia's Squad Raised: $170 of $1000.00
Sofia's Sunflowers Raised: $170 of $500.00
The Portwood Boys Raised: $150 of $1000.00
Team Elias Raised: $100 of $1000.00
Juelz Infinity and Beyond Raised: $85 of $1000.00
Team Eliana Raised: $30 of $500.00
Jonathan's Sole Team Raised: $0 of $300.00
Recent Donors
Lee Putnam $40.00
Mary Munson $25.00
Laura Glenn $200.00
Oscar Alvarez $100.00
Kimberly S Stump $600.00
Top Donors
Alicia Beach $1,000.00
Kimberly S Stump $600.00
Vicky L. Rumley $500.00
Linda A Cantu $300.00
Gregory Gowan $250.00
Top Fundraisers
Lila Schroeder $2240.00
Dustin Schroeder $2150.00
Becky Grady $2020.00
Tonya Schroeder $1420.00
Monte Maxwell $585.00
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Donor Comments

“Team Blair”

- Lauren Russell

“From Jessica Weber! ”

- Brenda Christmas

“Amelia’s squad”

- Amanda Perez

“Go Amelia! -Alec”

- Alva Rodriguez

“Tinlee’s Tribe”

- Brandon A Bowman

“Good Luck Tinlee’s Tribe”

- Jeff R Park

“Go Team Tinlee !!!!!! Love Ernie and Stephanie Rea”

- Ernest Rea

“Z Man, you're amazing!”

- Carol Coggins


- Robin Blue

“Yay!! Elias!!”

- Anonymous

“I love celebrating all of Nora's accomplishments with her family and friends. Keep it up, Nora!”

- Jamie McCallum

“Nora We Love you and we’re so Proud of all your accomplishments. ”


“Nora We Love you and we’re so Proud of all your accomplishments. ”


“Tinlee’s Tribe”

- Stephanie Horton


- Vilma Montalvo

“For Juelz”

- Crystal Moscot

“Why fit in, when you were born to stand out!! Dr. Suess... Go NORA!! Sweet girl!!! ”

- Marisa J Wade

“We love you Nora! ”

- Allyson Matteson

“Go Nora girl!! ❤️❤️ Love you! ”

- Mallory linck

“Linda Powell volunteer ”

- Linda A Powell

“For Kourageous Korra ❤️ and friends!”

- Amanda M Garcia

“We love you Asher! ”

- Jessica E Thornton

“Donation from the Tinlee’s Tribe Fundraiser!! ”

- Anonymous

“From Jamie Vickers! ”

- Brenda Christmas

“We love you Hemi!!”

- Anonymous

“We love you Hemi & Schroeder Family!”

- Kate Clower

“We love Hemi and the Rise school! The dLG’s ”

- Kathleen c delagarza

“Go Hemi!”

- Louella Wallace

“Love and hugs to Hemi!”

- Joellen Qualls

“Love you Hemi! Go Team Hemi Hunters!”

- Bernadette J Martinez

“Juelz Victoria Lara is grandma and grandpa’s joy ”

- Victor Espinoza Jr

“Go Hemi! ”

- Ruth Woolsey


- Kayla Everett

“Love you Hemi!”

- Anonymous

“Best of Luck Tinlee's Tribe! Jimmy & Ezzie Amaya”

- Jimmy Amaya

“To the OGs, Lupe and CJ. We are all Pre-Law. Alyssa, Chris, and Eric Lopez”

- Eric Lopez

“In honor of Nora Torres!”

- Derrick A Stewart

“To this wonderful school and my handsome Wyatt. We love you. ”

- Judith R. Burgess

“Go Blair Go!”

- Jessica Disher


- Jennifer Harris

“Love for super hero Blair! ”

- Sheryl Kubala

“For sweet Wyatt! ”

- Amanda LeJeune Scott

“Tinlee's Tribe”

- Mark G Schiffelbein

“For our friend Asher”

- Melissa Mizesko

“Tinlee’s Tribe”

- Allison Ann Wilson

“In memory of Ellie. ”

- Kendra Harrington

“Asher’s Squad”

- Susan Thornton

“I love you Princess Sofia. -Daddy”

- Daniel Escamilla

“Go Z Man”

- David Isaac Dudley

“I love all of you!”

- Kay Carlisle

“Go Team Claire!!! Love- Marcy, Kris, and Will”

- Marcy Hines

“Kourageous Korra, family & friends xo, Lori Berlanga”

- Ashley N Muranaka

“We will be walking! Love you, Claire! Aunt Leslie and Aunt Jeana”

- Jeana Finlinson

“Go get 'em, Tinlee's Tribe! <3”

- Anonymous

“For sweet baby Claire and her awesome momma!”

- Megan McLendon

“My aunt Lori and nephew Henry :). Good luck with your fundraising efforts and the 5k!! Rooting for you in Dallas. ”

- Haven Harper

“Good Luck”

- Bou C Lay

“Good luck on the 5K”

- Martin Warren

“Good luck Korra & Family! This donation is on behalf of Della Berlanga. ”

- Ashley N Muranaka

“For Team Kourageous Korra! This donation is on behalf of Therese & Jason Muranaka”

- Ashley N Muranaka

“Go Team Claire”

- Sheila Allen

“Go Team Claire!”

- Melissa Madrigal

“Thank you Frances Guckian for your donation”

- Tonya Schroeder

“Thank you Francis & Jan Schuette for your 100 donation Thank you Ricco Tetzlaff for your 20 donation”

- Anonymous

“Go Claire!! ❤️❤️❤️”

- Ryan Delzell

“Thank you for all of your smiles, Claire! You are such a bright little light in our lives!! <3 - Chance, Jason, Lenox & Rodi”

- Chance Webb

“YAY Clare! ”

- Rebecca Stocker

“Go Team Z-Man (Zachary Yeaney)! ❤️”

- Selena Holston

“We love our Claire Bear! Go Team Claire”

- Christina Himelwright

“We love you Tin Tin!”

- Amanda Russell

“Go Tinlees Tribe”

- Sue Ahrens

“Thank you for your donations, Bobby & Megan Lee, Bobby & Patti Lee”

- Anonymous

“Sue Ahrens”

- Linda A Cantu

“Linc Strong ❤️❤️❤️”

- Priscila Baldillez

“Go Linc Go!”

- Rita Lopez

“Go Linc go ”

- Richard lopez

“Go Linc Go!”

- Patricia l rubio

“Go Lincoln!!!”

- Stephanie Martin

“Go Team Claire”

- Robert Beach

“Go Linc!”

- Patricia Fowler


- Tim M Magee

“Love, Great Grand Mother Frances”

- Frances R Garza

“Love, Aunt Bea Figueroa”

- Rita G lopez

“Go Lincoln!”

- Anonymous

“For Hemi and Roane. To their bright futures and their awesome parents!”

- Kimberly S Stump

“Best of Luck to Tinlee's Tribe. Eliza and Zain”

- Anonymous

“Go Jack !!! Go Owen!!!”

- Oscar Alvarez