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About TARS Awareness

My name is Marla Hamann, and I am trying to create a 5K to raise awareness for TAR Syndrome. My daughter, Emma Layne is 15 months and was born with TARS. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we were both ecstatic and scared (we'd lost two pregnancies before). After genetic testing confirmed we were in the clear and having a healthy baby girl, we finally could breathe. But then it all changed when we found out at our anatomy scan that there was a problem with her arms. We were sent to see MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) and they confirmed her hands. They told us she had TAR (thrombocytopenia absent radius) syndrome.  Tar syndrome is characterized by the absence of a bone called the radius in each forearm and a deficiency of blood cells involved in the blood-clotting process. Tar syndrome usually appears during infancy and becomes less severe over time. It prevents normal blood clotting, resulting in easy bruising and frequent nosebleeds. Potentially life-threatening episodes of severe bleeding may occur in the brain and other vital organs, especially during the first year of life. The severity of skeletal problems in TAR Syndrome varies among those affected. Common among these abnormalities are webbed or fused fingers, a curved pinky finger, or skeletal deformations in the upper arms, legs, and hip sockets. The State of Texas recently, in July 2020, signed that TAR Syndrome Awareness Month be recognized for the month of August. I am trying to get a 5K established to raise awareness of TARS to everyone. When we found out about our precious Emma, we were thrilled but uneducated about her syndrome. So, like any parent would do... I turned to the internet. Talk about many crying days and sleepless nights because the internet and doctors did not know much about TARS. What is out there is very negative, so I want to change that. I want future parents who may have a child born with TARS to know that it will be ok. Yes, it may be scary... but that’s life itself. I have met many others who either have TAR themselves or their child has it and because of their stories, I can breathe. So, thank you to all of you. This is for you and especially for my Precious Warrior Princess, Emma Layne. I am working on being an advocate for my daughter until she can be one herself and she can share her story. Please join me and help me further awareness and research towards the cause. Come out and show your support by joining us in our 5K or cheering us on!